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Select 2016 NER Auction Conifers

By Larry Nau

SOME SPECIAL CONIFERS FOR THE NER, NH, 2016 ACS AUCTIONS by Jerry Kral We have nine plants from the collection of the late Dennis Dodge thanks to the generosity of John O’Brien who will also be one of our auctioneers. Plants available for auction from the Dodge collection are shown below. Click on the plant…


Northeast Region Dream Team Meets

By Larry Nau

On Friday October 2, 2015 the Northeast Region’s ‘dream team’ gathered to plan the upcoming 2017 ACS National Meeting, hosted by the Northeast Region. This team is lead by two legendary NE meeting planners: Elmer Dustman and Jerry Kral. As a duo, they have already assembled three of the most successful regional meetings the NE…